SHAY HAS FACILITATED WORKSHOPS for writers of all different ages and experience levels, in addition to her work as a performance coach. Check out some of her offerings below, or contact her directly about a workshop specifically oriented toward your group or event. 


repeating myself:

lists, anaphora, and taking up space

In this daring exploration of repetition and power, participants will discuss the strength of anaphora as a poetic tool of examination and declaration. Through a study of Eve Ewing's "What I Mean when I Say I'm Sharpening the Oyster Knife," they will investigate the ways in which the act of repeating oneself is policed, and how intentionally engaging in repetition is a reclamation of power through language. This workshop has been featured as part of Curate ATL's educational series, and with the high school students of the Skyline Slam Poetry Program in Salt Lake City.

poetry as survival manual

(on imperative voice and saving ourselves)

Featuring poetry by Morgan Parker, Karen Finneyfrock, and others, this workshop pushes participants to experiment with the concept of imperative voice through a series of discussions on authoritative speaking and writing. Writers will be guided through a series of examples in which poets structure pieces around imperative voice, a round-table about the ways in which we establish authority through language and how that authority is encouraged/discouraged, and ultimately a writing prompt in which they will use the tools of imperative voice to advise their audience. This workshop has been featured as part of Ignite Poetry Collective's educational series.

radical tenderness:

a reclamation of the feminine

What does feminine mean to you? What are ways in which the feminine is celebrated? Ostracized? In a workshop themed around the poetic structure of an ode, participants will practice the reclamation and celebration of the feminine through discussion and a shared writing prompt. So bring on the crushes, the floral prints, and all your favorite expressions of femininity! It's time to get tender! This workshop can be reserved as a space for femme/gender non-conforming poets only, or opened up to all genders, however the organizers see fit. 

poeting 101:

performance coaching

or introductory slam workshop

Do you want to try slam poetry? Are you a slam poet or part of a slam team that needs performance coaching? Shay offers workshops to get you started writing your first spoken word pieces, as well as coaching services to aid established performers. Having earned her BFA in Acting, Shay has extensive experience onstage and has provided counsel to poets and actors alike. Contact her today to book a session for beginning writers and performers, or to help craft slam pieces for future competition.