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is a poet and performance artist based out of Atlanta, GA. They are the author of DIARY OF A GHOST GIRL (Glass Poetry Press, 2019), a six part seance exploring the intersections of healing, resurrection, and the mythology of girlhood.

Shay’s work has been featured by The Rumpus, Tinderbox Poetry, FreezeRay, Alternating Current, and Button Poetry, amongst others.

Shay was the winner of the 2017 Brett Elizabeth Jenkins poetry prize and the 2017 Java Monkey Slam championship. In 2018, their slam team, Art Amok, won the National Poetry Slam group piece finals. Shay was a Whitinger Scholar at Ball State University, where they earned a BFA in Acting.


Shay Alexi is a poetry powerhouse. She is thoughtful, witty, and works the heart in impossible ways. She is an innovator of language and dares greatly in the realm of her work.
— Ashlee Haze, Nationally Touring Poet
I will never forget the faces, ears and postures of the audience when I first saw and heard Shay Alexi take the stage. After her soul shaking performance, the regular poets were like, “Who the hell is that?” I responded, that would be the person taking your spot on a team- get to writing! Shay Alexi is a story in a constant state of unfolding and one we all need to hear.
— Theresa Davis, WOWPS Champion 2011